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Welcome to the Wonderous Creations of ADRI


Enhance Life

Increase Self-Awareness & Self-Acceptance…

…Then Everything Goes Into Its Right Place

Our Mission: Resolve, Release… Restore

Purposefully designed approaches specializing in fun and adventurous resolutions… to release hidden blockages.

Transforming worries, doubts, fears and limitations, into resourcefulness, possibilities, loving self-acceptance, and fulfillment.

Solutions via Adventures

Adriano P. Aschenbrenner Art Creator, Self-Acceptance Advocate, Philanthropist, Value Enhancer, Investor (nature, sustainability, arts, healing)

Adriano loves to ‘enhance‘. Whether he’s consulting for non-profits or enhancing business, in the mountains of Yunnan (China) to practice Tai Chi, tending to plants in the garden, painting (, dancing Argentinian tango in Shanghai or Mexico City, or advocating self-acceptance & healing through speaking or adventure programs, his passion is enhancing places, things, and especially living beings, to experience their full potential.

His love and celebration of life has fueled his passion for creating fun, adventurous approaches to enhance life, primarily through the creative brand “ADRI”, which is involved in art, design, adventure courses, picture books and more.

AdriCreate Values

Healing & Self-Acceptance

Healing & Self-Acceptance

Enhance Life Enjoyment

Enhance Life Enjoyment

Alignment With Values

Alignment With Values

Art & Beauty

Art & Beauty

Invest in Mother (Nature)

Invest in Mother (Nature)

Legacy & Fulfillment

Legacy & Fulfillment

Adri Solutions ADRI is your 'Self-Acceptance Catalyst'

Specializing in Performance, Perception, Healing & FUN!

Featured Adventures

'Abstract Art Therapy' Resolution Process

Resolve… with a MESS!

Judgment Release: Secret of Superheroes

Increase your enjoyment & more

Healing With Abstract Art

View art for personal insight & epiphany Partnership

1-on-1 & Group Coaching Solutions

Experience The Deeper Magic In Yourself...

Increase Self-Acceptance & Resourcefulness With

The ‘Abstract Art Therapy’
Resolution Process

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