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Galleria D’ADRI

Visually Engaging Creations That Celebrate Subtle Miracles Of Life

ADRI Art Creations

“The practice of magic consists in making what is not understood understandable in an incomprehensible manner.”
Carl Jung, The Red Book

The intention behind most ADRI art is to contain the presence, or essence, of something deeply desired or needed, yet is difficult to find in life through other means, especially through words.

One must open deeply to see… eyes, heart, mind.

Each ADRI piece has a back-story or “essence” that addresses the deeper levels of our life experiences and existence. Some people describe it as “accessing the unconscious” or “touching the Soul/Higher Self”. Sometimes you ‘see’ things (forms, faces) in the creations, while others may feel the ‘presence’ of a certain emotion, memory, or realization. Others have felt a theme of healing or resolution or deeper fulfillment, or the ‘knowing’ of something special to the heart.

“With ADRI creations, I have found a deeper potential and fortitude to address & fulfill what we want and need most; to address the difficult or suppressed emotions, the mental blindspots, and the lack of loving/soul fulfillment and depth of life’s true potential & brilliance. It is providing, through these subtle or abstract methods, various of the “lost” or missing parts of ourselves, through which we remember there is – and we are – much more than we currently experience…
When someone discovers something for the first time in one of my creations, inevitably, they will discover a deeper potential in themself, and their life.” ADRI

by Adriano P. Aschenbrenner

Adriano is a multi-faceted art creator, solutions consultant, philanthropist and self-acceptance and healing advocate.

He celebrates life through many mediums, creations, roles & adventures. Whether traveling in the deep Yunnan (China) mountains to practice Tai Chi, to dancing Argentinian tango in Shanghai and Mexico City, to volunteering across many initiatives with kids, inmates and seniors. He’s had art displayed in the Winspear Centre (Alberta, Canada; 2005 Curated by Rafaella Montemurro), DJ’d an international youth conference in Suzhou, China (2017) and has been on a boat of 80 vomiting passengers from the island of Capri to Napoli.

Adriano connects all aspects of life, using unique experiences, studies and world travels to help connect the dots as a way to find deeper context and solutions, and understandings on unique ways to give them form.

He creates art that is alluring and wonderful, yet holds deeper, profound ‘presence’ to uniquely impact life.
ADRI art embodies these solutions, resonance and “miracles” of life of the things we want, or need, most.

Adriano is also the creator of the ‘Abstract Art Therapy’ Resolution Process, Chief Aesthete & Founder of AdriCreate, and runs the creative adventure-brand, ADRI.

Full Adriano bio here.

Beneath The Obvious

Visually stimulating. Stunning colors and drastic textures. Intriguing, engaging, “fun”.

And for a person in a more curious (or adventurous) state, there is much more to be found in each piece. Subtle messages, personas, stories and solutions, themes of unspoken conversations or deep levels of honesty. And beyond that, what cannot be accurately enough put into words, and must be experienced… This is what may be found after engaging with a piece for a few weeks or months or more; all of a sudden, whether a face, or a form, or other, something never noticed before seems to “appear”, like a well-hidden creature suddenly revealing themself to a non-threatening presence. That feeling of “finding it” is brilliance; magic; it is a child’s heart that illuminates with possibility…

In this way, it is not required to “look deeper”; it will always be wonderful visual art. But for courageous hearts, there will be something more profound yet to experience.

Explore the Magic... Glimpse the Alluring Adventure of Each Creation


The Face(s)

A beautifully simple, textured abstract. But in the exaggerated space of the sky, can you see the face?

A large, cloud-like presence of a face looking off to the side, contemplating It’s existence, choices and life. This face could represent the deep contemplation by the small figure that is hidden leaning up against the tree… our consideration of the bigger contexts, choices and our place in existence.

There is a second face-presence that is situated above the first, of which a patron brought to my awareness as potentially God or ‘Higher Self’ watching over our life considerations, although not as easily seen in this photo.

What do you see?

Upon quick inspection, do you see more than vibrant colors and playful textures?
A hint, the piece’s title: “Matador Saves the Bull”
The red makes up the bull’s head (and “hair”), while the white portion is the snout. The dark, center portion makes up the face and jaw, and you may be able to see a clear, yet subtle right eye. The bull’s neck and torso tapers off to the bottom left of the piece, representing the “old”, ‘dark’ ways of bull-fighting; the bull is turning towards the right side of the piece with greens and yellows, representing a joy, playful and more ‘sustainable’ approach of living.
As we generally represent progression (ex. reading) from the left to the right, this piece exemplifies old ways of brutality, survival, competition to the death on the left with the predominantly red and black colors and simplistic texturing… the progression to the right side represents bringing the “old” into the ‘light’, and the evolution that takes place from conscious change of Heart; new love,  celebration and choices of life shown with colors of yellow, green, overlapping and “dancing” of textures, details and collaboration.
It is with this change of Heart that the Matador “saves the Bull”, while saving Himself (his Heart).

Unconscious Shows Itself

As many of ADRI creations are created without a specific intention or desired result, it allows for the unspoken, or hidden parts of ourselves to come forward. Carl Jung says it allows us to understand our unconscious.

In this piece you may find many little creatures (i.e. a duck), a few faces and even a large presence which seems to be fleeing the scene or turning its back away. None of them were intended as part of starting this creation. What comes from within can be both fascinating, adventurous and incredibly accurate for representing deeper, more ‘abstract’, influences in life… of which we get to experience the fun adventure of observing it on the canvas.

“Experiment 1”, 2015

Portafoglio Highlights

Public Features


Joy Of Living

ADRI brings joy, possibility, vitality and excitement to the world through art & designs that represent the feelings we want most.

The ‘Joy of Living’ series in this home entryway brings a sense of adventure and creative potential to the space that is enjoyed frequently.

Selected Series


‘Earth Speaks’

Collaborated with Tiziana Benvenuto

The mysteries of Earth… Using tinctures created only from self-grown vegetables, these creations are made in a “flow” state and later interpreted. The subtle forms that appear represent the special presence on – and in – Earth, and their messages.


‘Concrete Masters’


Stemming from the inspiration and wisdom of ADRI’s family and ancestors, the Concrete Masters series is an on-going creative project that explores concrete structure, design and construction processes.

‘Resonance Therapy’

Fueled by subconscious psychotherapy and the subtlety of magical mythology, these adventurous, flowing pieces have the intention of holding a resourceful resonance; an ‘energy’ which provides the observer a feeling of possibility, internal resolve, and ‘magic’.


‘Heal Code’

The soft amalgamations of oils create intensely dynamic opportunities to represent primordial causation, and their solutions.
Like how an early childhood trauma, unresolved, impacts all future experiences, these themes attempt to address soul/life-theme causations found across all of humanity.



Making each creation exceptional with concentrated attention & a special intention so it can provide a continuously unique and deepening experience.

(Left: Color Bath, 2016-2017. Melted Wax & Acrylic on Wood)

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ADRIgallery Featured Artist


Tiziana Benvenuto

Tiziana Benvenuto is a sought-after values specialist for business and non-profit organizations, a transformation and human potential coach for CEOs, Executive Leadership Teams & entrepreneurs, and a talented multi-disciplined artist for over 20 years. She is passionate about bringing life, love and celebration through transforming spaces and people, nurturing love for life of all shapes and sizes.

She is appreciated for collaborating in ADRI creations for her beautiful artwork and her unique ability to find and celebrate underappreciated elegance, and finding unique opportunities to bring more ‘presence’ to art.

She runs where she continues to lead great life ‘values’ by example, with her lifestyle of nature, art, and transformation in the spaces, and lives, of many.

Collaborations To Enhance Life

ADRI collaborations are intentionally selected to bring unique resonances together to create special pieces and celebrate aligned intentions.

Collaborations such as the ‘Earth Speaks’ series (below, centre), with artist and values specialist Tiziana Benvenuto, allow a different glimpse of existence to be accessed and shared.


35 foot by 5 foot canvas collaboration, mixed media

Portafoglio Esteso (Extended Portfolio)

“Attention to Detail = Attention to Intention”

ADRI art

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