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#1) Get the “Judgment Release: The Secret of Superheroes” Book

‘Judgment Release’ will assist us tremendously in any area of life by releasing resistance we may not recognize as limiting. Through short, 1-2 minute exercises, you can go through this short book to enhance your enjoyment and fulfillment, find new solutions and appreciation for things already in your life, and perhaps experience new epiphanies or “miracles” for what’s possible in your life.

When you don’t have any internal blocks, resistance or self-imposed limits, you need only the smallest movement forward to get where you want to go…

Therefore, focus on releasing hidden resistance.

Adriano Recommends: Put this short book next to your bed stand or work table and do 1-3 ‘judgment release’ exercises (~5 minutes) each day with the ‘judgments’ listed in the book. Recognize (and write down) any new epiphanies, solutions, resolutions, feeling better, or new perspectives as they come up.

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Video explanation

When you enhance your current (emotional, mental, physical) state, you will directly improve your life, and in particular, your genuine enjoyment of life.

Instead of constant positive or “hopeful” thinking, or ‘fighting off the negative thoughts’, we are doing ‘judgment release’ to remove the root cause of a particular block-pattern.

Similar to any physics: remove the obstacle, and the ‘flow’ is restored.

‘Judgment Release’ is a universal approach that anyone can use to address deeply held/unconscious ‘blocks’ they may not even believe are there.
The process itself re-conditions the system (mind-body-emotions) to forgive yourself, let go of resistance/blocks/stagnation, and look for more ‘Truth’ & resourcefulness about yourself, your life, and solutions available to you.


(ADRI sketch from “Judgment Release: The Secret of Superheroes” book)

#2) What Do You Want More of, and What Do You Want Less Of?

This is one of my (Adriano) favorite, and more frequent, things to ask someone. It prioritizes their life at this point, and re-focuses what is most valuable to them, and opens the opportunity for me to potentially find a really important solution/recommendation for them to get exactly what they want.

For you, it’s a great way to have life be incredibly more enjoyable with nothing in life actually changing… only your focus/perspective.

However, it may also reveal some simple opportunities for ‘enhancement’ in life.

Note: You can ask yourself this several times, or even often. You may notice that asking it may provide more clarity…
Ex) “I want more free time.” Why?
“I want to feel like there’s more possibility and choice in life, not like I’m always required to be doing something or things for others.”

I’ve had people come to their own solutions/realizations right away because of that… that they have more freedom then they remembered (or were focusing on). That there is a quick solution to their perceived problem. Etc.

Re-asking this question of yourself can help you get to what’s important, sooner, and clarify what you want (and perhaps, need) to do…

#3) Heal (bring loving acceptance) to suppressed emotions

A huge block of our enjoyment is the “baggage” or stuck/suppressed emotions from some point in the past.

From my heart to yours: You likely have denied/suppressed/”repressed” emotions from some point, THAT (stay with me here), when you ‘free’ them up (accept them, vent them…), will produce a massive amount of increased enjoyment.

Quick, common example: Hurt from past relationships.

Many of us are trying to deny any hurt/baggage/etc from past relationships, fearing it may make us look incompetent, weak, “emotional”, etc.

This has been blocking our ability to feel even better than we currently have. In some relationships, you can see people just “going through the motions”, as if there are hidden blocks between emotional connection and love.
My empathy for love, your heart, and an enjoyable loving relationship for you, I and all, is saying this: your relationship (even with yourself), regardless of how good you currently believe it is, can and absolutely will improve with your intention (and openness) to healing any suppressed/denied emotions.

The genuine intention is the most important part. Then, through ADRI creations or your own experiences of life, you will find more answers and solutions to resolving and healing these blocked emotions; resulting in a largely more enjoyable experience in each moment for you.

ADRI creations are different ‘paths’ to same result:

Adriano chooses to create fun, unique adventures that address the multitude of ‘hidden blocks’ we may experience or hold. This way, we can enjoy going through the various creations as ‘experiences’ & ‘adventures of life’, while knowing they provide a benefit of the resolution, healing & accessing our deeper potential.

All ADRI creations at ADRIcreate are fundamentally based on providing “solutions” (freedom, relief, resolutions, more joy, etc.) to a multitude of life’s scenarios, fundamentally intending to enhance your enjoyment in life.

Pick solutions/adventures that you feel engaged or intrigued by, not necessarily what you think you “should” do (ex. sit in meditation for 8 hours). Your engagement & interest in a particular approach is often more valuable than a method without the same intrigue (or Heart) in it.

Allow yourself… to let go of what you no longer need; to enjoy yourself; to feel good about who you are.


Some Approaches


Yourself… others, God…


Abstract Art Therapy


Judgment Release


Sing Self-Acceptance

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ADRIcreate Healing Focus


Emotions are one of the most suppressed, distorted and judged-against of our ‘parts’, therefore they provide an enormous opportunity to heal, grow and increase your enjoyment and capacity.
We want to focus on accessing the suppressed or blocked emotions, like ringing out a dirty sponge.


So many of us have tons of distorted perspectives, misunderstanding and a plethora of judgments, both against ourselves, and so many parts of life. However, all of us benefit from releasing mental blocks, like cleaning a dirty window increases clarity and brightens a room.


All parts of us are connected. Therefore a huge, underappreciated opportunity for healing is addressing the emotional and mental causes impacting our physical lives. Even indirectly, by influencing our moods and habits, it is key to recognize alongside our physical health approaches.


“What is my life purpose?” “What is the right path for me?” “Who am I?”
Many ‘bigger context’ questions are in each of our lives. We won’t tell you answers that ‘sound good’. Instead, we will help you free the previous 3 parts of you, so your clarity can know what, and when, the right answer for you is.





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