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‘InfiniteU’ Donation Class

'InfiniteU' Donation Class Release mental blocks, amplify 'feeling good'

The What: This 1-hour class led by Adriano P. Aschenbrenner is based on accessing the ‘InfiniteU’ (aka your more complete presence). We focus on releasing blocks and enhancing enjoyment through short exercises done together.

The class has a dialogue component to give context on what we’re doing (how, why it helps to enhance our life, etc), a ‘judgment release’ component where we release judgments (aka mental blocks, or rigid perspectives that hold us back) and find new solutions and understandings, and a component of ‘gratitude amplification’ to progressively increase the ‘feeling good’ within ourselves that we want, need and love.
(You don’t need to show your face or talk in the class, just participate along.)

When: See below for upcoming class and register for your spot and reminder.

Price: Instead of a traditional class pricing, you are able to make a donation of what you’re able/willing/desiring to provide.
If that’s a coffee’s worth, great. If you want to pay-it-forward for others, great as well. If you cannot or don’t feel like it at this time, that’s the freedom of this class.
Some want to contribute at a later time, and can do so here:

Some voiced benefits from past classes: “I feel light; less heavy compared to what I was feeling”, “I feel more grounded and settled”, “I see a problem I was experiencing in a new light and with new solutions”, “I got a great reminder of priorities and new insight into some of the causes of my dissatisfaction right now”, “I feel REALLY good! I enjoyed that.” “I remember that I need to put myself on higher priority.” Etc

Register (no payment required) below through the Registration Button.