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“Judgment Release: Secret of Superheroes” Book

Judgment Release The Secret of Superheroes Increase Your Enjoyment, Enhance Your Relationships, Find More Solutions & Miracles In Life By Adriano P. Aschenbrenner(7)


I am excited to announce the release of my new book, “Judgment Release: The Secret of Superheroes”…

As human beings going through life, we are constantly experiencing resistance, annoyance or even suffering due to judgments or limiting beliefs. Sometimes we create these judgments ourselves, other times we adopt or collect them from others (i.e. “I’m not a creative person”). Whether it be in the form of criticism, comparison, shame, poor self-image or even thinking that ‘life can’t get any better than how I have it right now’, these judgments restrict our ability to enjoy the moment, see all opportunities available to us, discern properly the variables of the situation, and more.

In “Judgment Release,” I created a short reading portion to give a context into what judgments are, and how they are different from ‘ideas’. And that instead of fighting our “negative thoughts” with constant ‘positive thinking’, we can address the root to some of the thoughts & feelings we aren’t enjoying by doing ‘judgment release’. There are fun drawings throughout, and it’s primarily about doing the 1-3 minute ‘judgment release’ exercises to see/feel/experience the benefits of the process.

What type of benefits?

Some people have new epiphanies and solutions come to mind, while others find resolution for something they are struggling with. I’ve many times heard of people having visuals come to mind that provide them new insights into themselves. Often, this process reveals the lack of accuracy the previous judgment had in our lives: ex) “I’m not creative”, someone may realize “well of course I am, I’m constantly creating! I just haven’t allowed myself the opportunity to try new creative endeavors, because I judged myself as not artistic or “bad” at this thing. But I haven’t tried it yet!”

Many times we unconsciously hold judgments about our partner, which can act as a sort of ‘wedge’ in our relationship(s). “He/she will never change”. “No matter what I do, they are never satisfied,” etc.

By going through this judgment release process and the multiple ‘judgments’ in the book to release, we will be addressing judgments that have been impacting all areas of our life… AND, because of doing this process, we will be releasing the blocks and enhancing all areas of our life!

This book is designed for everyone, even couples or families to do together to create a more abundant, solution-oriented, and enjoyable life.

I recommend doing 1-3 ‘judgment releases’ (approximately 5 minutes) each day, before bed or beginning of the day, work break, etc., and to write down the epiphanies or new understandings about yourself as they come to mind. Note (even write it in the book) feeling better, and positive changes you feel, to give yourself a more accurate look at your results.

Whether you struggle with perfectionism, low self-esteem, want to improve your relationship(s), have everything and yet feel unfulfilled, want to heal/work on self-acceptance, or simply want to live a more enjoyable, “miraculous” and fulfilling life, this book is for you.
It is my intention that “Judgment Release” will create the outcomes for you to embrace your true self and find the plethora of wonder in life free from the restriction of hidden judgment.

I hope you enjoy the book!