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The Phenom Of ADRI Art

Each art creation has something more than what is seen on the surface.

Sometimes, subtle forms and faces; other times, a unique feeling that can’t quite be described.

For the adventurer at heart, these creations embody what we desire most from life: the fantastical, magical possibilities, and greatness beyond what we know.


“Evolving Man”
by ADRI, 2022

Glimpses into the Magic


“Color Bath”

This piece is created with acrylics and primarily melted wax. Each wax color was hand-melted by Adriano and splattered in a particular way to create the perceived effect of ‘waves splashing’. Each color, having a different resonance, along with the intention imprinted by Adriano, carry the captivating experience of “bathing” in the various feelings of adventure, fun, possibility, hope, joy and wonder.
It dominates the attention of any guest to its space, presenting on a wood box frame that protrudes 4 inches outward from the wall.

"AZUL" by ADRI, 2020
“AZUL” by ADRI, 2020

‘Resonance’ Series

Allow the conscious, analytical parts of you relax and the unconscious a chance to engage.

These pieces are fun and full of potential. When you look at them, it is as if you are staring into a galaxy of possibility, and the intention is that the concentrated attention when creating the piece impacts your unconscious in a way that provides you a creative boost, a feeling of resourcefulness, possibility, emphatic joy for life, and more…

"Forgiveness" by ADRI, 2021
“Forgiveness” by ADRI, 2021

What Do You See?

Many one-off (non-series based) creations result in masterpieces that are beyond any anticipation of what is possible in advance.

What do you see?

… The aspects of this piece perfectly represent the theme of ‘shift of consciousness’, and credit is due to the “miraculous” synchronicity of the unconscious.

The title is a hint:
“Matador Saves the Bull”


“Joy of Life” (La Gioia Di Vivere) Series

This series involves countless pain-staking hours of wax melting, mixing and combining to create pieces that exemplify the joy we love most about life.
Many of these creations portray some hidden ‘presence’, which adds a level of fantastical adventure to the viewing experience.
Ex. “Koala” (left) and “Orangu” (right), an orangutan-looking creation

The creations are stimulating, inspiring and a lot of FUN, even without noticing these different “presences”.


Awesome Possibilities

July 2019-Ongoing

'Earth Speaks' series

'Earth Speaks' series

Created dyes from home-grown produce, ADRI & Tiziana Benvenuto team up to allow Mother Earth to “speak” to us through decyphering what the ‘tinctures of the Earth’ lay out in front of our eyes then subtly highlighting it.

More of What We Want

More of What We Want

Many pieces are based strongly in the ‘intention’ that is set and carried out attentively throughout the piece. In this way, many people have commented feeling/getting something from the creation that they wanted, but couldn’t identify in advance.

“Radiate Vacation”, 2022

“Heal Code ‘D'”, 2021

Stories of Resolution

Stories of Resolution

Many pieces have deep story or theme to them, along with the adventure of the aesthetic. These stories often provide ‘deeper context’ & perspective, providing resolution to difficulties on deeply held levels.

Aesthetic, Then Depth

Firstly, the intention is to create things that are beautiful. Not following set principles of design or color composition, pieces are created until the point where they ‘feel’ GREAT. Most times, they are visually pleasing.

However the deeper adventure, and ultimately more rare & cherished experience, is the depth of ‘presence’ that is “beyond the surface”. This is not for the impatient moments, nor the judgmental mind, but only seems to reveal itself once someone feels they are ready to “open” themselves to it.

“SUN RAY”, 2022 (right)


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